A L B A by Frederic Forest and Quentin Simon
ALBA is a visual essay inside the Barcelona Pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, a journey with the sculpture created by Georg Kolbe placed in a water basin.

-The book includes :
• 46 drawings by Frederic Forest,
• 39 photographies by Quentin Simon,
• 2 Small Exclusive Limited Prints – 14 x 21 cm / 5,5 x 8,3 in – Hand Signed by Frederic Forest and Quentin Simon.

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The story told by the artist Frederic Forest and the photographer Quentin Simon follows a day of ALBA, her relationship with the architecture of this iconic place. The minimal drawings play perfectly with the silver photographies. ALBA meets and shares their vision of her feelings.

This graphic movie on paper shows the allure of light, the awakening of ALBA, stares the movement of her body dancing with the marble walls, her reflection, the nature that surrounds, and finally her escape to real life.

Limited Edition 250 copies (First Edition)
19 x 25,5 cm / 7,5 x 10 in. Format
Hardcover Book, Black and white 112 Pages, Hand Numbered, English and French Texts

Printed: Stipa, Montreuil, France — 2019
Papers: Munken Polar Rough 120g , Colorplan Azure Blue
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