Once upon a time

It is a sign.
It is a seal.
It is a sigil.
It is a signature.
It is an icon.
It is a fingerprint.
It is a code.
It is a stamp.
It is a writing.
It is a calligraphy.
It is a hieroglyph
It is a Kanji.
It is a Xǐ
It is a Shodo.
It is a small drawing.
It is a line drawing.

It is inked.
It was signed with a fine paintbrush.
It was drawn by Frédéric Forest for us.
It is a G. like Grammatical.
It is a F. like Frédéric Forest.
It is the togetherness of a G. and a F.

It is our official embossing stamp.
And it appears on each of our limited prints.

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