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Rivages : collaboration with Nomades Studio

During the first lockdown, which surprised us all, I felt the need to exchange and collaborate even more in my artistic practice in order to experiment with other mediums and to confront myself with other visions. So I suggested around me, to friends who were photographers, sculptors and painters if they had projects to share.

It is within this framework that we realized in collaboration with Nomades Studio: Rivage. At that time, and even now, we have a craving to travel or simply to be somewhere else. Natacha Roché and Mathieu Lodin from Nomades Studio then sent me a series of silver photos that they had taken on the Breton coast, not far from where they are. I then took one of their images and I pursued this landscape and painted what we didn’t see, and which is probably not like that by the way.

But whatever, it was a question of drawing an imaginary from elsewhere, of not doing it alone, but together. Rivage is also this promenade by the sea.


” This canvas is a photograph of my mind, a superposition of memories passed by the ocean. I work most of the time from black and I wanted to go to the end of this process to go towards the light by an addition of lines with the brush which intersect to let the constellated night pass, emit the vibration of the surface from the sea. The light of the Moon then settled naturally in the canvas and I pursued the lines of the waves to direct its reflection. She was there, benevolent in the dark of night.

On the occasion of the release of the book Alba with Quentin Simon, I chose to present this painting for the exhibition in November 2019 in Paris. This painting was immediately very personal to me, and I couldn’t bring myself to sell it. “

At the studio, we have received many inquiries about it and so this is therefore with great pleasure that it is now available as a limited edition of 100 copies, numbered and signed by the artist Frederic Forest. Only a large format, 100 x 70 cm, and the superposition of 2 layers of intense black could reproduce its pictorial depth and its symbolic force.

First Lithography!

We are glad to launch our really first lithography with Frederic Forest and the printer Idem Paris.

« Nue Bleue » is a 3 Colors Lithography printed on Marinoni machine.

Frederic has drawn an original drawing on a flat stone and an original drawing on a metal foil according to the traditional technique of lithography.

Both have been used for this unique print and have been erased during the process.

It follows the pure tradition and respect of the art print : Nobody would be able to print it again.

Idem Paris is this confidential workshop but well known by all international galleries and artists. Voirin and Marinoni lithography presses that Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Chagall or Giacometti worked on are still in use. Contemporary artists such as Jean-Michel Alberola, Sophie Calle, Paul Mc Carthy, JR, Liu Bolin or David Lynch are regulars of the atelier.

“Nue Bleue” is available in our shop

Ceramics by Marion Graux & Frédéric Forest – Hands Agreement

We are quite impatient to discover the first ceramics of Frédéric Forest with Marion Graux !!

Marion is a potter as she likes to define herself. The tour, the enamels, the shapes, the line, the materials, the shine, the soft pink, the beautiful tables…

Here is her vocabulary. In her studio based in Pigalle, surrounded by faded flowers, she experiments to find muted and sweet nuances, plunges her hands in clay to invent dishes for daring chefs. Her ceramics are enthroned on the stoves of French chefs such as Cyril Lignac, Hélène Darroze, Charles Compagnon or even Guy Martin.

Frédéric and Marion started working on their collaboration this summer. Several projects, drawings and ideas were exchanged. Over time, what we would call an “Accord de mains” (Hands agreement in French) appeared, a spontaneous encounter between drawing and earth, enamels and lines in which everyone offers their talent in the service of the nobility of the material and the quality. poetry of the lines.

Finally, 3 series of unique pieces will come out of this 1st ceramic collection.

They will all be available on our eshop next week.

Stay tuned to discover more !


Dear all,
First of all, we hope you, your family and friends are well !
Last week, in order to do our part to protect the health and well-being of our clients, we decided to ask our Paris team to stay home and to close our Studio.
Meanwhile, our website and our worldwide shipping are still running. We’ve reduced our daily shipping to one day per week and to enhance health and safety working conditions because of the virus. There is only 1 people working alone with gloves and mask, but without any other human contact, compared to the 3 on a normal basis. 
Our packages are well prepared and then put outside, just on front of our studio for no contact pickups with DHL or UPS.
For every order during this crisis, an additional surprise will be sent to thank you for your great support and love of art !!
Our minds are with the people touched by the disease, with the ones who are suffering, with the doctors, nurses, health workers in the hospitals, exposing their own life to fight the virus. We feel very humbled by their behaviour. They are true heroes. For all the others, stay home. You are saving lives. 
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Cher tous,
Nous espérons sincèrement que vous, votre famille et vos proches vous portez bien !
La semaine dernière, afin de réduire les effectifs sur place et d’améliorer les conditions de travail en matière de sécurité sanitaires, nous avons décidé de fermer notre atelier de Paris. Cependant, notre e-shop fonctionne toujours et les livraisons sont toujours assurées. Nous avons réduit nos expéditions quotidiennes à 1 jour par semaine. Les commandes sont gérées par une personne seule sur place  (au lieu de 3 habituellement), avec masques et gants, mais sans visite extérieure.
Nos colis sont préparés avec attention puis disposés à l’extérieur, juste devant notre studio pour des enlèvements sans contact avec DHL ou UPS.
Pour chaque commande durant cette crise, une surprise supplémentaire vous sera envoyée pour vous remercier de votre précieux soutien et de votre amour de l’art !!
Nos pensées vont à toutes les personnes touchées par la maladie, à ceux qui souffrent ainsi qu’au personnel médical, aux docteurs, infirmières et infirmiers qui se battent chaque jour au péril de leur vie. Vous êtes nos héros. Pour tous les autres, restez chez vous. C’est la meilleure façon d’éviter la propagation du virus et de sauver des vies.
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Kitsuné x Frederic Forest, editing the Carnet Volé – vol.2

Here are some pics of the making of Carnet Volé – vol.2… You might understand that it has been a very long journey to choose some of the more than 7000 drawings of Frederic Forest from his sketchbooks. Like the first issue of the Carnets Volés series published by Grammatical, this new art book will have 100 drawings inside. 

We are very glad that it will be launched with the famous French fashion house of Kitsuné !
Maison Kitsuné is pleased to invite you to Frédéric Forest “Carnet Volé Vol.2” exclusive book signing & exhibition.

Join us to discover a new stealthy glimpse of Frédéric Forest’s studies through a selection of 100 drawings, known or never shown. Each book sold over the event will come with an additional signed original drawing inside…

A series of drawings will also be exhibited in-store and available for purchase at Maison Kitsuné Filles du Calvaire until April 19th.

Make sure to RSVP to be part of the opening night.

Carnet Volé Vol.2 De Frédéric Forest – Splash
Thursday, March 19th
6PM – 8.30PM
Maison Kitsuné Filles du Calvaire
18 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire
75011 Paris, France

Hope to see you there !

At Home with Grammatical

Dear all,
We take this opportunity at the beginning of the New Year to thank you, for all the fabulous photos of your interiors, which we receive week after week…

Thank you for continuing to send us your pictures on Instagram with #grammatical


Thank you for coming…

The entire grammatical team was proud to present the work of Frédéric Forest and Quentin Simon, this book is also the first book in a long series.

It was a pleasure to have you for our first exhibition, it’s the first and definitely not the last, next cities would be Miami, NYC, and lot more to come…

Photos credits Mathieu Pellerin

Alba, the Genesis of the Project

It is in the context of the exhibition Alba which will be held from November 15 to 17, that we met Frédéric Forest and Quentin Simon. Comfortably settled in our workshop at 21 avenue du Maine, they tell us the genesis of their joint project: Alba.

ALba, Frederic Forest Quentin Simon

G. How did you meet?

FF. Very simply, by Instagram. Pretty soon, I stumbled upon his account fairly quickly. In the infinite and continuous flow of images that circulate, his posts often resurfaced in my memory. They endured. Which is for me one of the values of photography. Photography should leave it’s mark on both memory and imagination.

I immediately enjoyed his very natural, direct work, which was quite far from the misapplication of filters and overediting. I sent him messages to tell him that I was fond of what he was doing. Then, we talked a lot about architecture (which I had hesitated to pursue in my studies) and photography. I also consider my work as manual photography. And then, soon enough, we talked about books. Very naturally, the idea of crafting a book together, came rapidly.

Van Der Rohe in Barcelona

G. Quentin, what do you appreciate about Frédéric’s work?

QS. His purity, his simplicity. He manages for a black line on a white background to express much more than what others manage to with all of the colors and techniques available today. The efficiency of his lines is astonishing. I think that I always prefer less and less frills, whatever the art: overloaded music or photos that are “over-filtered” for example, and Fred’s work is the opposite of that. It goes straight to the point, without cheating, with a raw and natural elegance.

Van Der Rohe in Barcelona

G. Frédéric, what do you appreciate about the work of Quentin?

FF. We have about the same perception of each other’s work. For me, Quentin’s work has this unique blend of sweetness and rawness. I mean raw in the sense that it feels intact, untouched, not transformed. I think it comes from his use of film instead of digital cameras.
This technical choice is important in his capacity of letting go all while maintaining his mastery of the technique. His images really express a vision. Something that instantly knew how to see and take the time. I often tell him that he makes cinematographic works with his images. We also talked a lot about Chris Marker’s film “The Pier”, which a key element for us in the founding of the Alba project.

G. This book project took more than 2 years to complete, why?

QS. The book project was not born right after our first meeting. It rose from several discussions of our works, our inspirations, and many more things that the project materialized. Starting with a vague idea, we then focused on architecture, then specifically Bauhaus architecture, and finally chose the pavilion of Mies Van Der Rohe in Barcelona, a building that I had already photographed myself. The concept around the resident of the pavilion – Alba – came later, during our exchange of drawings and photographs.

Alba Book by Frederic Forest and Quentin Simon

Van Der Rohe in Barcelona

This long delay also comes from the fact that I cannot go to Barcelona every day, and also Alba is the first book by Grammatical and so many things had to be set up for this occasion.

G. Frederic, you never went to the Barcelona Pavilion, why?

FF. During my studies, we took a trip to Barcelona, it was part of the organized tours, but for some reason I forgot, and we could not get in. When Quentin would show me his negatives from the pavilion, he would often invite me to go back with him.

Van Der Rohe in Barcelona

There were different reasons and excuses for not making the trip, certainly signs that I should not go there. But more than anything, I liked the idea that my drawing would bring the fictional aspect of the story. It is part of the exoticism too, of this fantasy that one has of a place that one imagines without having ever been there, of a place of which we saw so many images, films, floorplans, and models. I had imagined it so much that I did not want to betray the image I had made for myself of the place.

Moreover, it was very useful for editing the book that we really thought of as a short film. The scene of a day or several days of this sculpture, or rather of this resident, which we turned into a character: Alba.

Alba Book by Frederic Forest and Quentin Simon

G. What are your next projects?

QS. Perhaps another book, about my last trip in June in Buryatia (Siberian region), I am currently looking for a publisher (this is a bottle in the sea!). I also have planned a lot of fashion shootings coming this fall.

FF. Prints by Quentin, some paintings and original drawings that are part of this book will be exhibited on November 15, 16 and 17 at 78 rue de Turenne in Paris. We will also be signing the book at this occasion. Then there will be a series of small books thought of as stolen notebooks that are currently being worked on. The first part should come out in a short time …

Alba Exhibition posters

Open from november 15 to 17
11:00am – 8:00pm
78 rue de Turenne
75003 Paris