Creative Upcycling

Creative Upcycling

When we met Nicolas Draeger, 6th generation of Master printers, we were eager to make a lithograph together. A shortage of paper forced us to delay our project. In the meantime, and also as a creative game, we had the idea of choosing a print from our collection and overprinting on it to give it a new story, another look, going from black alone to color.

Frédéric Forest then chose the print of his Woman Stand Shadow painting by superimposing two lithographs on it and giving it a second life. He painted two new colored silhouettes that can in turn illuminate his first drawing in black, and exist alone or together on a white sheet.

They were made in Nicolas Draeger's workshop and his lithograph workshop Anthèse in Montrouge. It is thanks to Nicolas's talent and that of Gégé who has more than fifty years of experience in color and lithography that this series is both a traditional print and an original work. Their pictorial aspects and the strength of the colors applied to the paper are as many visual crushes.

Each step of the lithography process tells its own story and becomes a painting in itself. It is no longer a printed work but six handmade creations that we invite you to discover today.