Care guide

Please note that all our Limited Drawings are printed on paper.

Paper is a fragile and flammable material. Protect your limited print from heat, light and moisture. Paper is a live material. Its whiteness can change over time. 

Grammatical chose a very high density black ink in order to ensure the quality of the color in time. This has been developed to meet the strictest requirements in terms of preservation and durability of prints.

Grammatical select exceptional papers with the greatest care and known for their respect of environmental standards.

The majority of the papers used are from Fedrigoni Materica Gesso because it is 100% recycled and certified FSC®. It is composed of 40% CTMP fibers, 25% FSC® certified fibers, 20% recycled fibers and 15% cotton.

Given the high share of recycled fibers contained in these papers, it is normal to have slight variations of hues from one production to another. The paper is certified without acid, without elemental chlorine, and without heavy metal.