Our story

Grammatical is a Paris-based publishing house that offers iconic limited prints and other creative editorial pieces. Founded in 2017 by Frédéric Forest and art amateurs friends, Grammatical was born from a desire to share the work of artists he admire.

“In a perpetually rushing world, we strive for something different…”

Frédéric Forest is a world-renown French artist and he is the first to join us on this adventure. Today, we are thrilled and proud to be one of his official partners. His drawings, composed of subtle lines, are at once singular and universal in nature.

In a perpetually rushing world, we strive for something different: hand-crafted drawings printed on recycled paper, showcasing the beauty of imperfection

Grammatical is about working with people who care about « savoir-faire » and have a desire to share their passion. It’s about a community of art lovers, paper lovers, lovers of women, men, devoid of faces or color, lovers of nature, lovers of architecture.

It’s her,
It’s him,
It’s you.

We are so excited to share this experience with you.