Hang it

Hang it

Back to basics, an ancient approach or better with age of your home, the staycation of hanging a painting, a photography, a drawing or a limited print helps lighten and build the graphic of a wall. You can see like a window with a view, a piece of a museum, yours actually and making your personal history, or just a part of a decor, a simple detail or something hang the wall, the space where it is.

First off, you’ll need a proper set of equipment. A hammer, tape measure, level, pencil and picture hanging hardware.
Once you’ve decided exactly where you want the frame to hang, place it in position and faintly mark the two top corners. (Use the level to make sure it’s straight!)

Using the tape measure, mark the center point of these two corners. From there, measure down the length from the top of the frame to the wire when it’s fully taut. (To get this measurement, lay your frame face down on the floor and use your index finger to pull the wire upward as far as it will go). This is where you’ll place your nail.

Be sure to use picture hanging hardware, rather than a straight nail in the wall. The hardware will be more secure for heavy frames, and you won’t run the risk of the nail bending, or coming loose in the drywall or plaster.

Credits : Wall light edited by Collection Particulière, design by Dan Yeffet