Orely Forestier's Interior

Orely Forestier's Interior

Credits Nomades Studio

We are invited today to Orely Forestier's luminous Parisian apartment, surrounded by her models and swatches of fabric, this young fashion consultant is also a collector of art drawings.

Could you please introduce yourself?
I am Orély Forestier, Designer and Consultant in Fashion, I am also the co-founder of LA FETICHE, which is a brand based on the concept of an ideal wardrobe, timeless pieces. A collection of clothing that is both familiar and new. It’s a definition of an ideal style shaped by age-old skills of both France and Scotland.

  • Credits Nomades Studio

    What was the first piece you fell in love with, and why?
    I really like his work around the female body. I am very touched by the sensitivity of his line, a mixture of strength and fragility. I particularly like his studies around hands and gestures, I think this was definitely my first crush.

    Could you tell us about the artists who inspire you?
    I am really inspired by graphics and colors, everything that creates in me a vibration and an emotion. I love the work of Jim Lambie.
    I am Also really inspired by the work of Walter Price, Elizabeth Peyton, David Hockney.... Anne Collier’s work is incredibly fantastic, there is too many artists who inspires me, very difficult to list! I adore The Modern Institute gallery, my partner’s husband’s gallery, who represent incredible and unique artist, super inspiring !